Support Tickets

There are a few ways to submit support tickets to our Customer Service Representatives. For each of theses methods the main step you want to pay attention for is using the same email that you log into with. If another email address is used it will not track in your account page.

  • Click the green support button that shows on the right hand side of every page on

    • Select the option to "Submit a support request"
    • Enter in your Question, Details about the question, Name, and Email address.
      NOTE:Email address is what ties your support tickets to your account. Make sure you use the same email for both your account and when submitting support tickets.
    • Click Submit.
      NOTE: This will send a support ticket to our CSRs and it will also send you an email confirming that they received it.


  • Submit a ticket directly from your account:

    • Log into your account by clicking HERE and entering in your Login information. Or click the My Account button at the top right if you are already logged in.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the main account page. There will be a section called "My Open Support Tickets".
    • From there you can either "Create New Ticket" or "View All Tickets".
    • You will have to log into your Help Desk Account.
      NOTE: They are different accounts for security purposes and to avoid SPAM


  • Go directly to the Help Desk by clicking HERE. From there you can either click "Submit a Request" or "Check Your Existing Requests".


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